Sunday, September 14, 2008

And the Boobs are done!

I had my final check up with Dr. Sliwin the other day.  He took a look at the final shape of my breasts and checked out the scars.  He said that they look "fantastic" and that the larger scars on the underside of the breast will continue to fade away.  He stated that I could stop using the scar cream, but I think I will finish the tube that I have. 

Dr. Sliwin then asked what my final bra size was and was a little surprised when I told him that Secrets From Your Sister  was fitting me with a D cup.  He immediately went to his bag of bras (and I am not kidding about this.  He had a briefcase full of bras.  It was so funny watching him pull out bra after bra) and pulled out a D cup and asked me to put it on.  Yup, I filled it out.  Then he looked at my shape again and we both realized that I have a lot of excess skin in the arm pit area and down the side of my chest.  What we realized was happening is that the skin from the side of my chest was moving into the bra as I shuffled the girls into the cups.  Thus, I fill out a larger size, but don't really have D size breast.  

Pinching the excess skin between his fingers, he announced "We have to get rid of that."   I agree. 

I wonder if he accepts payment in buttons.  I have lots of buttons!

Friday, September 12, 2008

A pillow too!

So there I am, at the Knitomatic Stitch & Bitch, knitting away, gossiping ... all the lovely things that one is suppose to do at a Stitch & Bitch, when I realize that I am squirming in my chair.  For love or money, I just can't seem to get comfortable!  The low and behold, it dawns on me ~ my butt is sore! And why is it sore?  Because there is not enough fat on my butt anymore to make for a comfortable cushion!  So there I am, squirming in my seat, thinking "Okay now, not only do I have bring a sweater with me every where I go, but I have to bring a pillow too!"

Ramona just laughed at me and said "Baby doesn't have enough butt fat!"