Sunday, November 2, 2008

San Jose, Costa Rica?

So I am just going to lay it out for you because there is no good way to introduce this subject without people saying "Are you ******* nuts! You're going where?"

I am going to have my Lower Body Lift surgery done in Costa Rica. There I said it. So now let me explain how this is going to work.

It all started with the quote of $17,000.00 for the Lower Body Lift in Ontario. I knew that prices were high, but I did not expect it to be so high. With the inclusion of the excess skin removal of the upper arms and the inner thighs, the total became a whopping $ 31,000.00. Needless to say, I was acutely upset about the entire situation.

When I happened to mention this to my family doctor, she informed me of the Rosenstock - Lieberman Centre in San Jose, Costa Rica and the success of her procedures. Since Dr. Andrew has been my family Doctor for 17 years (and a good one, I might add) I decided to follow up on her suggestion and looked into the centre. I started with the web site Health Escapes. I filled in the questionnaire and was sent a quote from Nora Allen who is the Patient Coordinator at the Rosenstock - Lieberman Centre. For the Lower Body Lift and all it entailed the cost would be $10,000 (US) with a $500 (US) discount if I paid in cash.

Upon further research I found out that the flight would be $889.00 (CAN) and the recover accommodations at Casa De La Mariposa would cost a total of $975.00 (US). At the time the Canadian dollar was a lot higher and the exchange rate was a lot better, so I really believed that I was greeting a fantastic deal. Today, the Canadian dollar is not as good, but still. So in total I would be spending 13,600.00 (CAN).

I did all the research that I could on Dr. Rashi Rosenstock and Dr. Joseph Cohen and even joined a Yahoo Group that discusses solely the goings on at the Rosenstock - Lieberman Clinic. I still think that I am making a good decision.

The next entry will discuss the finer points of this adventure.