Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Letter to Dr. Whiting re:Deep Brain Stimulation

Dr. Donald Whiting MD

420 East North Ave., Suite 302

Pittsburgh, PA



May 10, 2009

Dear Dr. Whiting;

You don’t know how ecstatic I was to read of the recent success you and Carol Poe have had with your research in deep brain stimulation as a means of treating obesity.

I, myself, have been on a life long struggle with my weight, and recently underwent gastric by-pass surgery. In an attempt to increase my chances of success, prior to the surgery I sought and completed 2 years of out-patient therapy to help me deal with my “eating disorder” of bingeing. My gastric by-pass surgery was a success and in the last two years I have managed to loose and keep off 147 pounds. So why, you much be wondering, is this woman writing me?

Quite simply, I am losing control. Over the last 6 months, I have been documenting on my blog (Food & Thought ~ Adventures in Gastric By-Pass Surgery my losing battle with my brain. How I seem to be hard-wired to eat; that the impulse to eat outstrips my cognitive abilities to not eat.

I am at a loss as to how to successfully move forward and even more, terrified, at the prospect of ending up back where I started or worse.

Thus, I come to the second reason why I am writing you. I recognize that your research is still in its early stages and will not likely be available to the public for some time. With this in mind I appeal to you, hoping for some measure of insight into the condition which deep brain stimulation is designed to combat and from which I obviously suffer. Have you, in the course of your research, uncovered any process or tactic which would provide me with the level of control necessary to allow me to successfully wait for your promising new treatment to become available? I would be every so thankful for some guidance.

And finally, Dr. Whiting, I am writing to say thank you. Thank you for taking that leap of faith and recognizing that weight loss cannot be as simple as calories in vs. calories out. (If it was, we would all be thin!) Thank you for providing the evidence that I am not crazy and the problem just may be “all in my head”.

Again, congratulations! Keep up the fantastic work and I look forwarding to reading more about your research.


Letitia Mancini

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